Our Story

We provide solutions.  Yes, we also sell insurance, but that’s only part of our story.  With all the internet, television and radio ads being run by all sorts of insurance providers, we really have to be great at what we do, and the solutions we provide our customers, in order to still be growing year after year, for nearly three decades now. 
So why should you choose Axion as your insurance broker?

Because we focus on solutions 
Which means we’re committed to helping you find the best coverage at the most competitive price.  It also means that we do not prioritize one insurer over another, or incentivize our staff to promote any one product over another, so that our only objective is being objective in our recommendations to you.

Because we offer real choice
We are a brokerage that has access to many competing insurance companies (see logos below), which means you can save yourself both time and energy by letting us do the work, instead of trying one online quoting tool after another in the hopes of finding something better. 

Because we’ll be at your side when it matters most
We opened our doors in 1990 without a single customer – talk about stress!  Since then, we have grown year after year, one customer at a time.  Our success stems from our commitment to always do the best that we can for our customers.  So whether you’re looking to better understand your policy coverage or need assistance in resolving a claims situation, then as your broker we’ll be ready to lend our support and expertise to help achieve a positive outcome.   

If you’re ready to connect with one of our licensed brokers, then please call 905-713-3118, or click here to find an affiliate office near you.


Leading insurance companies we represent.  Please visit the website of your individual insurer for more information.   

Note: Brokerage compensation is part of the insurance premium and is paid annually on new and renewal business. On Automobile business, the commission ranges from 5%-12.5%, with Personal Lines Facility capped at a maximum of $310. On Property business, the commission ranges from 7.5%-20%. Many of the insurers we represent also offer a Contingent Profit Commission (CPC), which is based on a combination of items including growth, profitability, volume, retention and the increased services that we provide on behalf of the insurer. This CPC is not guaranteed.